Purchase to Payment (P2P) P2P is the MOD’S electronic purchasing system.  It enables electronic ordering, receipting and invoicing to take place with industry trading partners.  It represents an important step in enabling the MOD and trading partners to meet e-commerce and e-business objectives.

e-Catalogues The electronic catalogue service allows trading partner to provide their product catalogue in electronic form on the MOD’s electronic purchasing system, P2P.  This enables MOD employees to purchase these items online.  Trading partners can update their e catalogue electronically – update prices, add additional items etc. 

Please note that Capgemini will work with you to establish your INITIAL connection to ePurchasing as part of our contractual arrangements with the MOD.  If , after you have been made “P2P Ready”, you subsequently decide to change your connectivity method, or make changes to your internal systems that impact the messages passing to/from ePurchasing, assistance or testing to re-affirm connectivity will not be covered by any existing commercial arrangement so may result in additional charges to you